Canadian Islands – days 105-108

About six months ago my Aunt moved to Salt Spring Island which is just off the coast of mainland Canada. Its a laid back island with copious hippies, though much busier during summer, filled with artists of all genres and galleries for the tourists. We took a ferry over the day after Boxing Day to explore, even managing to spot some dophins en route.

The main port on Salt Spring is Ganges and that is where we spent the first day, watching sea planes and getting lost in a second hand bookshop. There was an awesome National Geographic atlas, but it probably weighed more than my entire backpack.

The morning view

The morning view

The next day Mike arrived via sea plane and we ventured further afield. We headed to the south of the island and visited a cheese factory, obviously I was in heaven when we reached the free samples! We also had chance over the weekend to go walking in Ruckle Park and visit Victoria, capital of Vancouver Island.

VIctoria harbour

VIctoria harbour

Adding to the transportation list Mike and I caught the sea plane back to the mainland. Enough room for 8 people at a push, I think it was even smaller than the plane I skydived out of in New Zealand. A very different experience to the car ferry, we were back in under 20 minutes.

"One... Two... Three... GOOO!! GO SEA AIR!! GO!!!"

“One… Two… Three… GOOO!! GO SEA AIR!! GO!!!”

The scenery is so beautiful on Salt Spring (and from above) and I could totally retire there. In the meantime I want to come back in summer and camp. Hitchiking is very common on Salt Spring so I won’t have a problem getting around.


3 thoughts on “Canadian Islands – days 105-108

  1. I agree the seaplane is amazing! And you’re right it is smaller than the sky dive plane- but it doesn’t go as high!!

  2. The seaplane is an amazing experience, we have done it twice before and both times it feels to me as though the floor is going to be ripped out on take off. If you fly club class you also get the option to do a bungy as you reach half way, which just leaves enough time to wind you back in to finish your complimentary tea and biscuits.

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