24 hours in Panama City – days 280-281

After five days cooped up with sixteen other people on a boat I hate to say I was feeling a bit antisocial when I got to PC. I didn’t really know what there was to see, a lot of people had implied I could head straight out without visiting anything. Instead I decided to give it a chance and I went out sightseeing with Philip from the boat trip.
We had a fantastic day, PC really surprised me, in a good way. We walked all the way along the sea front, taking in the high rises of the business district. Then we went to the fish market and had cerviche. Not as good as Alex’s in Lima, but lovely all the same.
The Panama Canal is an engineering phenomenon, especially as it is now a century old. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect but my inner geek shone through and I was amazed by the size of the ships heading through. I guess we were lucky to see one of the maximum capacity ships heading from America to Korea. Truly impressive, they were paying around $400,000 to use the shortcut, but then I guess they save huge amounts not having to sail all the way to Ushuaia to pass the Americas.

We spent the evening in the old town, Casco Viejo.
Wandering around the colonial architecture, seeing sunset down by the waterfront, accidentally stumbling on a break-dance off (which was won by the youngest participant), then finding a big party going on in the main square, Plaza de la Independencia. There were carried food trucks, varied bands, and mainly locals. It was a great way for Philip to spend the last night of his trip. We even bumped into Jinado just before we left.
And then I was on yet another overnight bus. I’m not going to miss those.


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