Daywalking Loiner

Daywalking Loiner

I first properly backpacked in 2007 and that was a brief three weeks after a summer working in Oz. It’s safe to say, I was hooked.

I then travelled alone for eight months in 2009, the usual first timer route, USA, NZ, Australia and a lot of mainland S.E.Asia. Since then I’ve tried to make do with long weekends away, but I always knew I’d hit the road again before I finally settled down.

I am now home from my second global loop. This time I headed clockwise, with my best friend in tow.

We started in England and after a boat to Europe travelled crossland to Beijing, which has always been a dream of mine. We then jumped around S.E.Asia filling in some of my gaps, Indonesia, Borneo, the Philippines and Singapore before returning to Vietnam and Cambodia.

After I spent a Christmas in Canada we met up for round two, the South American chapter, beginning in Peru with the Inca Trail. We travelled all over the continent (except for Venezuela) Liam left me in Colombia.

I then headed through the bottom Central America alone. A quick return to Canada and back to England. 32 countries later.

Where possible I’ve tried to give details of any recommended companies, or where the transport/route was unusual an idea of the timetable/cost. If any fellow adventurers ever want to ask for more information, just drop me an email.


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