I am travelling with my best friend. He is called Liam.


Liam has two main loves: wine and his nephew, Lucas.



Liam has a few other likes: margaritas, his sister, music by ‘strong’ women, gin, Alexander Skarsgard and tennis.

I met Liam in my second year of university, when he stalked me. We have been friends ever since. He is normally my adventure companion and over the last few years we have been to quite a few places in Europe together. He’s probably one of the only people I would take a trip like this with. My only concern being his taste in music. He lives on the “other” side of the Pennines. He is one of the most amazing people I know.

Liam is also keeping a blog, that can be found here:


One thought on “Liam

  1. What a cutie. haha! HEY GUYS!!! I didn’t know what to comment on, so I chose this awesome bio of Liam.

    It’s CAITLIN! From the Vodka train journey way back when at the start of your journey!

    I have been googling your blog for ages and just today it finally came up on my google search… which means you must be getting lots of views! 😉

    Just saying hey! Hope your travels are going well. Looks amazinnnnng.

    xo Caitlin and Sean

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